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GLOW AND GLOW with our hassle free MedicalMet!

Our software includes a variety of features that you will need for your daily operations, including dashboard, appointment, packages, products, invoices, payments, expenses, commission plans, communications and reports to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Let’s overcome your day-to-day problems with our one stop solution.

Feeling overwhelmed by the appointments? Worry no more!

Now, with MedicalMet you can start making and managing appointments easily based on the available slots to avoid overbooking. You can now set distinct colours in appointments to get a general overview of your staff’s availability.

Monitor your sales and inventories at your fingertips

Looking for a system to manage both your sales and inventories effortlessly? We’re here to rescue you from your conventional way of managing it.

MedicalMet allows you to create purchase orders for suppliers, transfer orders, and perform stock requests inter-branch easily.

Maintain each inventory item across several batches, cost price, and expiration dates to ensure you administer the correct products and execute proper inter-outlet billing.

Different discount types to suit your unique needs

By using MedicalMet, you can now set discount capping over different products and services, as well as promotional events, to avoid over-discounting.

Manage your customers’ packages with ease

Do you have trouble managing packages and payment sources?

Worry no more, MedicalMet got your back!

With MedicalMet, you can now help your customers to transfer their packages from one another and allow them to share their packages with each other at any time, any day. You can also upgrade their packages from time to time effortlessly.

Automated commissions calculation.

It is time to say goodbye to the conventional way of calculating!

MedicalMet is introducing you to the new approach of calculating commissions by just setting up the sales and hands-on service incentives and you can leave the rest to us!

We are offering you a variety of dynamic commission schemes based on your staffs ranking.

Take charge of your marketing tools

Stay in touch with all your customers!

Want to raise awareness about your upcoming events or send greetings and wishes to your beloved customers?

Save your time now! You no longer have to notify your customers one by one anymore!

Blast out emails, Whatsapp messages, and SMS with just a few clicks!

Free for 30 days

No payment information required. Just create an account and get full access to every features. When your 30 days are up, enter your payment details and continue enjoying all that MedicalMet has to offer.

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